About You

About You

A Personalized Approach to Financial Planning and Analysis

To some, “financial planning and analysis” may sound like objective, cut-and-dry business offerings. But we recognize the many emotions involved when people begin to talk about retirement, estate planning, even everyday budgeting. Your personal values should be at the center of these conversations. And you should expect easy access to your financial planning/analysis team, so your voice is always heard.

If you’re exploring financial planning options for the first time, or if you’re switching firms because you’re not happy with a current provider, we want to help you find answers to the following questions:

Is GW & Wade a Good Fit for You?

Our clients are young and old, families and individuals, hard-charging executives and comfortable retirees, aggressive and risk-averse. What they all share in common is the desire to be smart about their financial matters, working with someone they trust in order to reach their goals.

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Why Is Financial Planning and Analysis Important to You Right Now?

Perhaps you’ve recently gone through a major financial or life event. Or maybe you’re thinking about retirement. Or perhaps it’s just time to get your financial matters in order, once and for all.

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