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Choosing a Financial Advisor:

Why GW & Wade

Choosing a financial advisor is a big decision. You want someone who will be attentive, proactive, and meticulous with your affairs—a professional with solid expertise and experience.

You need a financial advisor who will always be dedicated to your best interests and laser-focused on your goals, even when you can’t be. Someone who makes it easier for you to plan and work toward the future—who helps you to stay on path, and make the right adjustments when things change.

It’s a tall order, but at GW & Wade, we’ve been doing just that for our clients for nearly three decades.

When choosing a financial advisor, you’ll also want to evaluate the advisory firm overall, noting factors like:

  • Standards (Fiduciary vs Suitability)
  • History and Governance
  • Leadership and Team Credentials
  • Wealth Management Philosophy
  • Succession Planning
  • In-House Capabilities

Contact us to learn more about these factors before choosing a financial advisor.