What to Expect

The Financial Planning Process: What to Expect

The financial planning process can seem overwhelming—especially if you’ve never sat down to outline your assets and goals. When you begin working with us, we’ll explain the process at each phase, based on your specific needs and targets. The result will be a comprehensive plan designed to get you where you want to be.

Meeting #1: Data Gathering

At our first meeting, we’ll review and clarify all your financial data. We’ll discuss your needs and objectives as the basis for the rest of the financial planning process.

Meeting #2: Foundation-Setting

During the second meeting, we’ll present basic financial schedules and observations about your present position. This will usually include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Current Income Tax Projections
  • Current Tax Withholding Analysis
  • Current Cash Flow Projection
  • Current Investment Allocation

Meeting #3: Multi-Year Tax and Investment Analysis

During this meeting, GW & Wade will present you with our recommendations for optimal asset allocation, income tax planning, cash flow planning, investment allocation, educational cost planning (if appropriate) and retirement planning. 

This is the point at which GW & Wade’s investment management service typically begins.

Meeting #4: Estate Planning and Insurance Analysis

We’ll analyze your current life insurance position and estate plan. We’ll make specific recommendations for an estate plan that reflects your goals.

We’ll also look at your disability, health and casualty insurance positions, and make recommendations accordingly.

Meeting #5: Plan Review

During this meeting we’ll summarize all our recommendations, and talk about specific strategies and dates for implementation.

This is where the full plan begins to take effect. Our future work together will focus on monitoring, managing, and adjusting as needed to accommodate the changing circumstances of your life and the markets. 

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